Q1: Do you consider yourself a professional or do this as a hobby?

A: We ARE Event Professionals and nothing less. We pay taxes, are fully insured and licensed as well as are priced appropriately for our services in the general area. Our company's profit is part of the livelihood that provides to our children and family. We in no way do this as a "hobby" as we have invested much time and money into providing excellent service, equipment, and experiences for every client.

Q2: What size space will the booth take up?

A: Our Photo Booths require a minimum of a 7' x 7' space.  Our Slow Motion Video Booth needs a 12' x 12' space.

Q3: Do I need to provide a table for you?

A: If possible, yes. If this is not possible, then please let us know! We need the table to lay our props on (and in some cases, our printer)

Q4: What type of background/backdrop do you use?

A: Our basic backdrop is white. If your package does not include an upgraded backdrop and you would like an upgraded backdrop, please let us know! If you are looking for a custom branded backdrop, that price varies. Please contact us for a quote. If you have your own backdrop that you would like us to use, please let us know! In most cases we can use it, we just need to see it to let you know.

Q5: If I received a quote from you, will you hold/reserve my date?

A: A tentative hold can be placed for 72 hours but due to the nature of our business, we do work on a "first come, first serve" basis and a booth is not reserved for you until you have signed our contract and secured your rental with a retainer (deposit). 

Q6: I received my quote and I considering going with another company because they are cheaper.

A: We are friends with a majority of Professional Photo Booth Companies in the area and would never discourage you from choosing another company. We want you to be fully satisfied with our services, and if you feel another company can fufill that, by all means, definitely go with them. With that being said, we can not stress enough that there is a a HUGE difference between an Event Professional versus someone who does this as a hobby. Chances are a company who is offering you a "killer" deal (by more than half cheaper than us) is not paying taxes or even licensed or insured. Please do your research to read reviews and ask the right questions so that you many not be stuck in a legal battle with another vendor.

Q7: How much of a retainer (deposit) will I need to put down to secure my rental?

A: We require a 50% non-refundable retainer (deposit) to secure a booth for your date. In some cases, we will approve a smaller amount as well as provide interest free affordable payment plans.

Q8: When is the rest of my balance due? 

A: The remaining balance is due 30 days before your event date, unless noted otherwise. We will contact you 30 - 40 days prior to remind you of this and to confirm final details with you. If you are booking your event within 30 days of your event date, your must pay in full in order to secure your booth rental.

Q9: I have to cancel my rental or event, something came up. Is my deposit refundable?

A: Unfortunately, your 50% retainer is non-refundable. We fully commit to your event and will turn away other customers once we have confirmed your date with your deposit. We will transfer your deposit to a future rental if you need to reschedule your event. Your deposit however will expire for the ability to transfer to a new date after 15 months from the cancellation date.

Q10: What is your refund policy if I have paid in my rental in full?

A: Your retainer of 50% of your total is not refundable. Any payments outside of your deposit are refundable if your event is MORE than 30 days away from the cancellation date. If your event is 30 days or less from cancellation date, all payments that have been made are not refundable.

Q11: I would like to add more time to my rental at my event, is this possible?

A: Absolutely! If you decide to keep the booth open longer, please let us know. We will always check in with you 30 - 45 minutes prior to ending of the rental time to see if you would like to add more time. We come prepared in case you decide to!

Q12: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Venmo and PayPal. In some situations we will approve accepting a check mailed or check/cash onsite. 

Q13: Do I need to provide gratuity for your services?

A: No, gratuity is not an added fee in the service fee nor is it required. If you feel that the photo booth attendant deserves a tip at your event though, you are more than welcome to provide that to them.

Q14: Can you set-up outside?

A: In most cases we can, we would however prefer for our booth to be indoors. We can not perform in extreme hot weather as well as rainy or humid weather. We will NOT set up on dirt and must be a level surface.

Q15: Are you insured? My venue needs proof of insurance..

A: ABSOLUTELY! We are 100% insured with a highly reputable company, State Farm. If your venue is requesting proof of insurance, please let us know and we will be happy to provide our certificate for them. We require a request for proof of insurance to be more than 14 days before your event to ensure our agent has enough time to accommodate any requests from the venue.

Q16: Do you provide discounts to Military or Non-Profit organizations?

A: We absolutely do! We provide a 10% discount to those who can provide proof of military status. We also provide a 10% discount or special pricing for non-profit organizations.

Q17: What types of props do you have? Can I provide my own props? 

A: We have a variety of props that all guests will enjoy. Yes, you can provide your own props. If you would like themed props to match your event, you are more than welcome to bring them to our booth at the time of set-up. Our digital booth does offer digital props as well!

Q18: What time do you arrive to set up?

A:  We arrive 1 hour before the start time of the booth to set up to give ourselves plenty of time to be ready! For The Slow Motion Video Booth, we arrive 1.5 - 2 hours before our scheduled start time.

Q19: Do you speak Spanish?

A: Yes, our owner, Michelle, speaks Spanish fluently. If you are requesting a Spanish speaking attendant for your event, please let us know!



Do you still have a question that was not answered here?
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